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Girl’s Program

Simpsonville Gymnastics offers both artistic and rhythmic gymnastics programs for young girls. Recreational gymnastics as well as competitive teams are available. Our focus is developing basic coordination, strength and flexibility to enhance athleticism. Students will start learning the basics of gymnastics on each Olympic apparatus. Each child will be challenged at their own pace. No prior experience necessary. Classes are offered beginning at one day per week with additional days available. Classes run year round with a schedule change in the summer. Tuition is available monthly as well as by semester. Sign up for a semester and SAVE!

Gymnastics is a great activity for children. It teaches them discipline and focus while increasing their coordination and athleticism. At the recreational level or as we like to call it “developmental” we focus on learning the basics on each apparatus and continue to challenge each child at their own pace. Developmental classes are one hour long and most students attend one class per week. We also have preschool classes for girls under age 6 that run 45 minutes once per week. Multiple classes are available at a generous discount. Students can attend monthly or by semester. We offer an 18 week semester at a discounted rate.

Competitive programs are offered for girls at all levels in both artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. Children who have great athleticism and a natural ability for gymnastics do well at the team level. The team program runs year round and begins training a minimum of two days per week. Our teams travel to state and regional competitions where they perform routines on all of the Olympic apparatus. If your child is interested in being on the team please call for more details. 864-967-8931.