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Policies & Procedures


Registration Fee: $35 per family. Due once per year.

Semester Fees: We offer two 18 week Semesters during the school year, Fall & Spring.

Pricing: (Based on One 18 week Semester)

Preschool $300- Developmental $300 – Home School $250- Tumbling $300

Gym Buddies, (Parent/Toddler) $225

Tuition can be split into two separate payments with a one time fee of $20.

Summer Program: We typically run 9-10 weeks of Summer classes as well as Summer Camps. See Online Registration for details.

Discounts are offered for siblings as well as for adding a second class per week.

  • Second Child    10% off Tuition
  • Third Child        20% off Tuition
  • Forth Child       30% off Tuition
  • Fifth Child        FREE

Late Fees

A $15 late fee will apply for monthly payments that are not paid by the 10th of each new month.

Return Checks: There is a $30 charge applied for all returned checks.

Drop Policies: Families paying monthly tuition must give a 30 day written notice of dropping their child’s class.  Families who are currently enrolled in a semester program will only be given a refund for medical reasons with a doctor’s note or for families moving out of the area.

Refund Policy: Refunds are only offered in the case of relocation, injury/illness (with doctor’s note) or class cancellation. A 10% administrative fee will be applied.

   Tuition Options

Gym Buddies


Home School

(6& Up)


(Ages 3-5yrs)


(Ages 6 & Up)

Semester, 1 x per week





Semester, 2 x per week